Financing on properties located in Oregon - other states we have commercial loans available on a case-by-case basis.


Cash-out refinances & purchase money loans

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Capital Mortgage Source uses Private Money Resources to fund a wide variety of real estate loans. We may be able to finance a loan turned down by conventional lenders. Our flexible lending terms help real estate builders, developers and individuals in need of short-term bridge loans or cash out from real property.

Flexible Underwriting & Quick turnaround.

Rate and Programs will depend on the Loan Scenario. Please fill out the form below or call us at 541-753-0699

Capital Mortgage Source

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Private Money Financing

Short Term loans on a range of property types/projects:

Construction/rehab, Multi-family, rentals, bare land, commercial and more!


Refinance of Adult care home, 12%, 23 month term


Construction loans - 12 month term, 12%

If you are interested in funding a private money loan, please contact us at 541-753-0699