Current Private Money Loan Requests:


Financing on properties located in Oregon.

In other states the commercial loans available are on a

case-by-case basis.


Cash-out refinances & purchase money loans

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Private Money Financing

Short Term / Bridge loans on a range of property types/projects

Fixup properties in Portland and surrounding areas $180k-300k

Construction loans $185-200k


$300,000 commercial loan

If you are interested in funding a private money loan, please contact us at 541-753-0699

Capital Mortgage Source

Co NMLS # 1296624

Private money loans are available on a wide variety of property types, including fix and flip projects, construction, bare land, commercial, multi-family/rentals. We may be able to finance a loan turned down by conventional lenders. Our flexible lending terms help real estate builders, developers and individuals in need of short-term bridge loans or cash out using private money resources. Flexible underwriting & quick turnaround.

Conventional, FHA and VA loan programs also available!

For private money loans, rate and programs will depend on the Loan Scenario. Please fill out the form below or call us at 541-753-0699